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christian louboutin outlet store to show the joy of inner works, I hope to infect more Brand: BEVOGUE Consumer groups: independent personality, independent thinking and aesthetic orientation, fashion has its own unique understanding, not blindly, not superstition worship big, sensitive to the trend, is not blindly, independent of their own female friends. Designer: Zhang Qingfang Booth number: B2 due to the love of clothing, to give up the stability of the work has been formed. Zero to give, but only choose the most suitable for their products, So that clothes to please their hearts. -based inputs to the apparel industry, from scratch a little bit of learning, such as the newborn baby-like absorption of all the outside world all the curious things, along the way there are bitter sweet, joyous annoying. No matter how their own Has been convinced that we must adhere to it. After many years of training and learning, Ladepo 's main creative is a new milestone, and the absorption of newborns like the stage, and then the time will continue to play christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet a zero starting point of Spiritual learning, innovation, and hope that they can lead Brand in continuous learning and innovation, and continuously upgrade. Designer: Li Hongxia Booth No.: B3 Childhood Living in the city known as 'Gushan painting water,' Jiangnan city - Dongyang City, Later moved to the father of the East were known as the Pearl of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong dazzling fashion in her young mind had a color shock, that is, this moment from an early age like art she decided to invest in fashion deSign. Her decision was supported by her parents, and sent her to the fashion capital - Paris, France to learn fashion design. After learning a number of companies in Hong Kong as a fashion designer and art consultant. In 2002, she set up a As the chief designer himself, has always insisted on his original road, her work with the nature of the casual, simple but not simple. Is the fashion industry can fully demonstrate the beauty of women 'in her father - Paris Dole International Limited. S aesthetic style of the designer. discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet 2012 Nanchang / Positive and negative Wen Chuang studio, the establishment of 'Xu Donghao fashion space' 2013 Zhejiang 'positive and negative culture' won the second She Fashion Design Competition 50 strong 2013 Hubei / Hubei Art Exhibition Second prize 'digital brain' 2014 Beijing to participate in in The second Beijing University Students Fashion Week 2014 Nanchang / 18th Runhua Award 'Chinese taste', 'Tai Chi' 2014 Guangzhou / 'No.Four' won the second 'The best costumes with the award 2014 Shenzhen to participate in the Shenzhen original designer fashion Zhou Zaobi Booth number: B5 in the apparel industry for many years, has served as a number of clothing brand design director, also received various awards, in October 2006 won the National Maozhi contest 'Yingwei Cup' Top Ten Designer Award; November 2007 won the clothing industry second prize; November 2007 won the Guangdong and Hong Kong Cup Fashion Design Competition for the best creative award discount christian louboutin